RobotWorks comes in 2 license options: Standard and Pro:


This license if for end-users who use primarily one robot most of the time. It has all RobotWorks features and includes one robot model (of the user's choice). Additional robot models and files can be purchased and added later, but only of the same robot make. To work with different robot makes, you will need to purchase the Pro license.



RobotWorks PRO

This license has no limitations and can work with multiple robot models of different makes. Additional robot models may be added free of charge at any time.


The following table shows the options of the different licenses side by side:





Features 1. CAD-based (edge, face, curve etc.) automatic path creation.
2. Advanced path utilities (Equalizer, Frames, Events, Reduce Points, Process points, collision, etc.
3. Built-in Kinematics to verify reach, collision and robot arm configuration
4. Replace robot in cell
5. Selection script
6. Path manager with access to each lead, segment and point
7. All supported post processors included
8. External axes option available
9. Input options (CNC etc.) available
10. Events integration into robot file, including user-entered commands and text at each point

As in Standard

Target users - One or few robots
- All robot applications
- Integrators
- Heavy users with multiple robot types
- All robot applications
Robot Support Any supported robot from the same robot make. Different robots from different makes (see notes below)
Download includes One robot model One robot model and all post processors
License includes One robot (user selected) Up to 10 robots (user selected)
Upgrade options Each additional robot of the same robot make - 300 USD Each additional robot of the same robot make - 300 USD
Support options RobotWorks resellers, hotline + updates RobotWorks resellers, hotline + updates
Availability RobotWorks resellers RobotWorks resellers
User seat-price Contact your reseller Contact your reseller
Support price Contact your reseller Contact your reseller


For additional information please contact support.



1. Currently supporting many models from ABB, FANUC, Motoman, KUKA, Kawasaki and Stuabli (CS7 & CS8). Only 6-axes robots are supported.
3. Not all robot makes have the same functionality (e.g. external axes, motion options in the robot file etc.). Contact support (before purchase) to verify availability and suitability to task.
3. Robot models are provided on demand only (not as bulk library). Users should contact support, stating each robot name or type (exact model or number is needed).
4. For better understanding the "Robot Model" concept see Robot Models.


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